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We are a new, dynamically developing employment agency, personal and vocational counseling, entered into the register of employment agencies under the number: 23025.

Our main advantages are timeliness, high quality of services, good organization and flexibility. Previous experience gained by our employees allowed us to get to know the labor market in Poland and the entire European Union, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. We offer solutions that increase productivity and provide substantive support to employees, so we can meet the expectations of our customers. Thanks to the use of modern tools and methods, we are able to support the professional development of employees and increase the efficiency of enterprises.
We guarantee an individual approach to each client, skillful adjustment of the offer to skills and changing conditions as well as quick implementation of entrusted tasks. Thanks to the cooperation with many companies, we are able to organize courses which provide certificates which confirm the skills we have in a given position, e.g. VCA, SCC, GPI, etc. We lead the employee through the entire recruitment process from seeking employment to coordinating work at a later stage.

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Our services include:

Employee recruitment

Help in looking for a job

Permanent or seasonal work

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Acquisition and selection of qualified employees

Organizing accommodation and transport

Legalization of stay and work

Medical examinations and BHP training

Ongoing coordination at every stage


We help to find qualified employees who will reliably perform the tasks entrusted to them. We take over all obligations related to the recruitment and employment, as well as and provide professional and reliable performance of tasks.

Write to us what kind of support your company is looking for.




Are you looking for a job? Do you want to improve your professional qualifications? Send us your CV. We will try to find the perfect job for you.

Write us what kind of job you are interested in.


We also have a certificate of an employment agency issued by the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province on October 28, 2019, number 23025. We have the designation of an employment agency so that we can provide services in Poland and abroad, such as: employment services, personal consultancy and professional career counseling.